The Thomsons Music

the Thomsons Music

Welcome to ‘the Thomsons’ official website. The Thomsons’ self titled new album is available now via the web site or at gigs . The album comprises original material that reflects ‘the Thomsons’ angular perspective on life, gained from a lifetime of travel and observation on the quirkiness of the human spirit. For more information on the album, please refer to the CD section, or talk to Scott’s mum … she thinks it is brilliant.

Let’s be honest, ‘the Thomsons’ are not your regular musos. In fact, they weren’t sure they were musos until a germ of creativity began to flow, roughly coinciding with children leaving home, and the dawning realisation that a life in science was no match for wandering the planet as a travelling musician.

Festivalgoers may remember ‘the Thomsons’ in their initial guise as part of the folk-pseudo rock outfit Beeswing. Who will ever forget the halcyon days of Richard Thompson workshops (‘Thomson on Thompson’) and ‘Coal Mining Folk – a History in Song’? Ok, we have more or less forgotten too …

Meanwhile … life as a duo is a comfortable place, and ‘hey hey we’re ‘the Thomsons’ and we’ve got something to say’ (apologies to Micky, Mike, Pete and Davey).