The Thomsons

The Thomsons


‘The Thomsons’ are a contemporary folk / roots acoustic based duo that specialise in original music that tells a story. Their music is based on a personal, oblique perspective of the beautiful world in which we live.

About The Thomsons

Through the music of ‘The Thomsons’ be prepared to dust off your passport, add a few obscure visas, and meet a cast of characters, including a Texan diner waitress masquerading as the Statue of Liberty, a Central Asian small time drug mule, an aspirational Bougainvillean boy in a maelstrom of anarchy, and reflect on the rhetoric of a post-apocalyptic world. Be there as Singapore falls, hang out in a trendy Malaccan café with fellow life travellers, and take the road trip of a lifetime through West Bengal armed only with a Monkey God keychain.

Kathryn Moris
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Our New Album

Crazy Hearts

The Thomsons’ new album is available now via our web site or at gigs. The album comprises original material that reflects ‘the Thomsons’ angular perspective on life, gained from a lifetime of travel and observation on the quirkiness of the human spirit.

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